21.5 more Apartments, and 0.5 Offices

The Elmhurst and Riverview Towers

The Mayflower and Park Place

Illuminada I & II

The Wimbledon, B&H Tower and Shaughnessy House

Hudson House, The Hargate and Prominence Place

Hyde Park, The Berkeley and The Albany

Centurion Towers and Oak Tower

Oliver Place, Oakwood Towers and the Mountbatten

Park Plaza, Oxbridge Place & The Carlton

In this batch of models the 0.5 of an office and an apartment is Park Plaza, which has 6 floors of residential above 10 floors of office. As far as I know, it is the only building of that type in Edmonton. (It also shouldn't be confused with Park Square, Park Place, Park Tower, Parkside Tower, or Central Park).

Also in this group is the Wimbledon, which I would have to say is by far the most phallic building in Edmonton especially when viewed from Jasper Avenue. Something like that doesn't just happen by accident, does it?

Beyond that, these models are mostly interesting because they largely "complete" the skyline of Oliver. There are still a few office buildings to do around 112 Street, and a few more apartments that I just happened to miss when I was taking photos, but this is basically it.

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