The Pinnacle

Building Information:

10127 121 Street NW, Edmonton, AB
Built in 1972, 26 Floors, 80m/260', 11,000sqft tower floorplate

Model Commentary:

The Pinnacle was my fourth model, and with it I started to figure out what I was doing. It was the first building that I attempted to model a podium for, and it was the first to incorporate a logo. It was also the first building which was reasonably symetric, and that let me copy and reuse some of the sections. I still wouldn't mind retexturing it, but I am much happier with it than with many of my other early models.

As for the building itself; I kind of like it. It is a slab tower, and Edmonton certainly has enough of those. It has a huge setback though, which minimizes its impact. It is the tallest building outside of the downtown core, and because of that height it is nicely proportioned. It is also all-white, which is a rarity in Edmonton.

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