The Mission Statement

Edmonton - one building at a time.
Or maybe sometimes two.

Since early 2007 I have been making sketchup models of prominent buildings in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for inclusion in Google's 3D Warehouse and in Google Earth. With 77 models now completed it is time to come up with a more permanent way to archive and document them.

The models will still be easily accessible through Google here and here, but this page will allow me more freedom and options.

I hope to post all of the models that I have completed so far, as well as any new ones that I work on. Where possible I will try to provide some background information on the buildings, and I may post the photos that I worked from to create the models.

Edited to add:

Posting individual pages for all of my models didn't end up being very interesting. So after sitting idle for quite awhile, edmonton in three dimensions is being repurposed into more of a photoblog and for whatever Edmonton-related thoughts I may have.


Jon said...

I found your website a few days ago, and I like what I see. I'm hoping to spend a bit more time in the near future having a look around at your photos and your 3D animations.

Anonymous said...

Great work with Sketchup. These modles should prove a real asset to developers and the city to visualize a concept before building.
I envy your skill level!;-)


Anonymous said...

Just found your website and I'm glad I did. I really like your photography and how it shows a unique perspective on Edmonton. Thanks for sharing.

edsky said...

Hey! Your sketch up models for Edmonton city are fantastic. Just wondering if you have any downloadable versions of some newer planned developments like the Edmonton Arena District available yet? Thanks!