2009.07.02 Eighteen Bridge Tour Photos

This is actually mostly about the northeastern section of Edmonton's river valley trail system. The bridges make better reference points though, since photos of trails through the trees all start to look the same after awhile.

High Level and Menzies

Followed by Walterdale

James Macdonald and Low Level

Louise Mckinney Park Foot Bridge



Capilano Foot Bridge

Goldbar WWTP

Rundle Park Foot Bridge

Cloverbar Foot Bridge

Beverly and Cloverbar Bridges, and a rail one in there too

Sunridge Ski Hill's inner tube hill

Heading Back

Now I'm kind of lost. Looking back at the footbridge.

Let's try this way

And that really didn't work. Back I go. Still pretty lost.

Something I recognize

Lost Again

Suffice it to say, I wandered around in the trees for far too long before going back to the road by the Science Park that I knew would lead back to Sunridge, and the Cloverbar foot bridge. I was hoping for a connection on the South side past the refinery, but I went up when I maybe should have gone down? Anyway, a lot of backtracking to get back to Rundle Park again.

From the Rundle Park Foot Bridge heading back to the south side

Capilano Foot Bridge again. The scent of the air coming of Goldbar's biofilters is always so pleasant (it really is).

Capilano Bridge Again

Dawson Bridge Again

The stretch of trails between the Dawson and Mckinney is so much fun

LMP foot bridge again

Low Level Again

James Macdonald Again

Walterdale Again

High Level and Menzies again

Groat Bridge from Mckinnon Ravine

Blurry, but it's a bridge

And a photo from that bridge

Bridge at 131st

Iron bridge and Groat Ravine

And here's a rough map of the route:

I'd never been past Goldbar park before so this was a bit of an adventure.

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